Take the Course and become a member !

To prevent injury and ensure that every participant gets the most out of our CrossFit classes, we require all members to complete the CrossFit induction course. We have specially calibrated the course to prepare any athlete for the movements and postures involved in CrossFit.

During the induction we take members through the basics (or 'Foundations') which will put you on the best path to understanding how we help achieve your goals.

Taking the Induction Course

Our induction course, “foundations”, is designed to get you ready for the critical movements employed in CrossFit. Within our workouts, we utilise nine key movements and postures which are also involved in Olympic weightlifting. It is therefore essential to ensure that every athlete is sufficiently competent to participate in the workout of the day classes to prevent injury and also to achieve optimal results.

Every new member must complete the induction course unless you can prove you have already been inducted at another CrossFit box (gym). If this is the case, our coaches will need to check your form during a single personal training session (£40) and receive notification from your previous box before you participate in WODs.

Initially, foundations will involve a course of three classes which each new member must attend before graduating. These sessions will run during the ‘foundations’ slots on the timetable. The foundations course is charged for at a one-off payment of £50, which is made before you decide on membership. There is no obligation to stay on after the induction. Although we have found that this approach is much more effective than group sessions, foundations can be completed by two people together.

Membership Packages

To cater for the varied needs and requirements of our members, we offer three different packages – gold, silver, and bronze. Please note that a 10% discount on our membership packages is available for all full-time members of the Armed Forces, police officers, and fire officers. Further details about our membership packages can be found in the table below:

Membership Packages

  • Gold

    £90 per Month by Direct Debit

    Access to Unlimited WODs, Gymnastics, Mobility, Skills and ‘Open Gym’

  • Silver

    £80 per Month by Direct Debit

    Access to Three WODs per Week, Gymnastics, Mobility and ‘Open Gym’

Workout of the Day (WOD)

After you have perfected the fundamentals on our induction course, and we are happy with your form, we add weight, speed, and rep patterns to help you achieve elite fitness. You will complete the workout of the day anytime you visit the gym. This isn’t like any normal gym where you receive a programme for, say, three to four weeks, and do the same repetitive routine each session; we post a different workout each and every day.

Our philosophy is to concentrate on constantly varied movements. Every time you come for a workout you will be varying what you do with different speeds, different weights, or different movements to improve your fitness. In order to track your results and improvements, we will repeat workouts from a previous date, although they will be months apart.

Everything is scalable in CrossFit, with the complex movements involved being used to check your competence. If you can do the WOD as recommended, excellent! If not, we will scale the exercises so you can complete the WOD as efficiently as possible.

What You Need to Do

The workout of the day will be posted on our whiteboard. Please arrive on time as classes will always start promptly at the designated time. This class consists of a warm-up, which is also posted on the board, and the workout itself. Please be aware that entry to our WOD classes can only be granted after you have completed our induction course.

Personal Training

If you want unique, personalised, one-to-one coaching, there is no better option than choosing a personal training session. Whether you are looking for specialised technique training or a tailored athletic development programme, our experienced personal trainers will be happy to help you. We can also help you achieve faster results or help you aim for a specific competition or sports event. In the past, we have trained all types of people with different abilities, giving us the expertise to effectively tailor our work to suit your individual needs. The personal training sessions start at £45 per hour, or you can book 10 sessions for just £400.

Contact us now, in Eton, Windsor, to receive more information about our CrossFit induction course.