Improve Your Technique with Our Weightlifting Training in Eton, Windsor

No matter if you are looking to take your first steps in weightlifting or you are a seasoned competitor, you can receive expert coaching at our gym in Eton, Windsor. In July 2016, Eton CrossFit proudly became a licensed British weightlifting gym, allowing us to conduct the highest standard of weightlifting training. Led by a professional, Level 2-qualified coach, the weightlifting programmes will help develop and improve your movements and techniques, enabling you to lift more safely and efficiently. Much like our CrossFit workouts, weightlifting sessions are held in a class environment, and can host up to eight people.

About Weightlifting

Olympic weightlifting is one of the oldest competitive sports still practiced today. Tracing its origins back to ancient Greece and China, Olympic weightlifting was one of the seven sports that made up the programme of the first modern Olympic Games in Athens in 1896. Weightlifting for men has featured at every edition of the Olympic Games in the modern era, with women’s events introduced at the Sydney Games in 2000.

Great Britain has been a dominant force throughout the history of the Commonwealth Games, with the third-highest medal total in weightlifting. Eastern European nations, Russia, and China have been traditionally prominent on the world and Olympic stage. Great British weightlifters have won seven medals at Olympic Games from 1896 to 1984. British weightlifting is affiliated with the European Weightlifting Federation (EWF), the governing body for Olympic weightlifting in Europe, and the IWF.

The international governing body for Olympic weightlifting across the globe is the International Weightlifting Federation, which was first established in December 1889 in Vienna as the OAB. The OAB underwent various name changes throughout the years before settling on the International Weightlifting Federation in 1972. This resulted in the establishment of the current two-handed competition lifts, snatch and clean and jerk, in 1973.

Women’s weightlifting was officially recognised and governed by the IWF from 1983. Shortly after the official recognition of women’s weightlifting, the first women’s international competition took place in Budapest in 1986.

Olympic weightlifting is a bodyweight sport with athletes competing against others in the same weight category. The athlete who lifts the highest combined weight after the snatch and clean and jerk is the winner. As of 1998, men compete in eight bodyweight categories, from <56kg to 105+kg, while women compete in seven categories, from <48kg to 75+kg.

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